Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting
AVG can provide energy saving lighting solutions that are designed to act in your best interest. All while giving you a level of control that goes far beyond the standard light switch.
Imagine waking up in the morning to the dreadful sound of an alarm clock! Now try to imagine something different like the sun in summer waking you naturally with its light and the soft sound of birds outside in the trees. OK – now what about winter… back to the buzz or ring!? We have the answer.
Smart lighting combined with automation in a home can solve these seasonal problems by automatically controlling the environment in your bedroom like this:
Winter: At 6 o’clock the bedroom lights gently come on at 30% power and increase to 100% half an hour later. In the meantime soft music is playing through your ceiling speakers from your computer hard drive, the curtains are electronically opened giving you enough time to dress, the air-conditioner is automatically activated to the correct chosen temperature.
Safety lighting comes on at 50% in the passages and your only thoughts are what to wear and how soon is breakfast, where again the kitchen lights have already been activated by timer controls.
This is just the tip of the iceberg because you can have full automated control of every lighting zone in a home both inside and out that includes garages, pool area, out buildings, cellars, gardens, security and entrances.
Smart Lighting Pad
Key pad buttons can be programmed that with one touch a “Goodnight” scene is initiated,turning the “whole house off” or set different zones to percentage and time settings of your choice.
The lighting in a typical home cinema room can be integrated with the AV equipment to create an appropriate mood setting as the “movie” starts by being dimmed automatically.
Smart lighting frees you from memorizing dozens of options on a daily basis of “have I thought of everything” to becoming totally confident and relaxed that everything is “under control”.
Automated lighting control can integrated with motion sensors to dim or turn off lights when a room is unoccupied.
Control Pad