Home Cinema + 3D

Home Cinema + 3D
Home cinema, commonly referred to as home theatre, are home entertainment systems that seek to reproduce a movie theatre experience in the comfort of your home. When a Hollywood movie is produced it has the potential to excite both your intellect by the size of the picture and your emotional senses by the realism and clarity of the sound track.

Home Theatre set-ups, with the latest technologies in audio and video equipment, are designed to equal or sometimes even exceed cinema theatre performances.

Because of the incredible high standards in producing movies today, an average television, with only built-in speakers, provides a limited experience of what the industry really offers in excitement and realism.

Today’s typical home cinema system consists of many audio and video components.
Source input components:
Blu-ray disc player, network media player, HD satellite decoders, gaming consoles and portable players.
Amplification and Switching Components:
In order process complex surround sound formats and video reproductions, an AV Receiver is required.
Audio reproduction Components:
multiple high performance speakers.
Display devices:
Add to this a large High Definition TV screen or HD video projection system. Then set this in the correct environment and you’ve created a winning home cinema experience!