Hi-Fi Audio

Hi-Fi Audio
True Hi-Fi audio is probably the ultimate search for simplicity and audio quality perfection…
Possible the greatest Paradox in the Audio industry is the word Hi-Fi. In the 1950’s the term High Fidelity was to be used by Audio manufacturers as a marketing term to describe equipment which was able to provide an accurate sound reproduction of music. There was a clear contrast in comparison to the inexpensive poorer sounding audio equipment of the time.
In the 1970’s Hi-Fi became associated with various loose components, namely the amplifier, turntable and later the CD player, radio, tape deck and two speakers. “Stereo systems” also became a common description used throughout the industry for marketing.
However the true enthusiast proudly known as an “Audiophile” still holds onto the word Hi-Fi, referring to equipment being and sounding far better than simple inexpensive mass produced “all in one”, box systems.
Today true Hi-Fi equipment, be it an amplifier, a play source and a pair of speakers could easily cost in excess of some of our latest luxury cars. The Paradox in all this is, do we listen to the equipment or are we having an experience which leaves us spellbound by the sheer beauty of the music itself? What drives our emotions? If the music is really good then surely it is possible to reach you at a much higher level through really good equipment?
So why not invest as much as you can afford and in return sit back and experience the fact that actually you do have an amazingly good set of ears that can sense and enjoy the authenticity of beautiful sound.