Distributed Video

Distributed Video
High definition video distribution has become an increasingly essential part of our modern lifestyle. In today’s modern dwellings the need to send video signals in various forms can easily be done with smarthome technologies.

  • Blu-ray DVD 1080p Full HD resolution
  • Satellite transmission at 720p HD ready
  • Normal DVD between 480 – 520p
  • Multi-media computer servers with stored information from standard to HD
  • Security cameras improving all the time
  • Mobile storage media units developing each year

All of these sources can now be fed into a single video matrix unit for common distribution. The need to transmit these signals correctly is essential. We have composite, component and most important HD information. Cat 6 cable technologies are today able to send these signals from room to room without quality loss. AVG can route video signals in your house to any room from any source linked to full home automation control facilities.
Imagine lying in bed checking all the security cameras, seeing what the kids are watching in another room, getting bored with the dish and switch to the computer for a movie stored there… it just gets better and better! Oh no! That moving thing in the garden is one of the dogs; the question is who gets up to let it in… AVG is still working on that one but we can supply a fantastic picture of your dog.