Flat Screen Televisions

Today’s smart TVs are a radical evolution of innovation and technological advancement, signalling a new era with smart interaction. From the earliest commercially made Television sets sold in the UK in 1928 to today, we have a fascinating story of this innovation…
In today’s modern homes flat screen television screens normally range in size from 43 inch to 51 inch having been developed for an approximate home viewing distance of between 2 to 3.5 meters, recommended by the industry.
The most controversial question still today is which technology do I buy? Plasma, or LED. What about OLED? To answer these questions, it is best to view the difference in our demo facility.
However as AVG has always had its roots in following the pursuit of excellence in both the Hi Fi and Television industry and in line with the more serious “audiophile and videophile” preferences we clearly put Plasma technologies ahead as the reference for the finest home movie video viewing available. Interestingly, this is totally supported by two of the largest manufactures who produce the biggest TV’s available to purchase for high-end domestic use.
LED technology has taken over and improved on earlier LCD technology, (this is still a back lit system best suited for smaller screens).

When purchasing a flat screen, connectivity is of prime importance, depending on the component plugged in, for example; DVD, satellite decoder, USB, data network or any other multimedia sources.
Now here is the other big one…! RESOLUTION

Resolution is expressed in “p” (stands for progressive lines on the screen – top to bottom)… More lines of information, the clearer the picture.
Some common resolution sizes:

  • DVD – 576p (Pal resolution normal DVD)
  • HD Ready – 720p. HD Satellite broadcast worldwide. (Yes that’s all you need)
  • Full HD – 1080p. Only available from a Blu-ray / 3D DVDs.

Be sure to make the right choice, look before you buy!