Control & Automation

Control and Automation
Automation is an “all-in-one solution” that is capable of endless customisation and control. These systems have the ability to link electronically controlled devices in a home to each other. This means that you are able to control home AV systems and most domestic activities by wireless remote through a computer network.
Today’s “Smart Homes” are wisely fitted out in preparation for home automation during construction. This allows changes to be made before the total completion of the building. However, existing homes can also be adapted due to the infinitely growing range of products now becoming available on the market.
The main control groups consist of:
Audio, Video, Lighting, HVAC(heating/cooling) and Security.
These are all linked together into one central control device. All this by wireless remote and in wall touch pad controllers or screens, enables you to operate not only audio and video equipment but also:

  • Mood lighting options through dimmers and time switching all linked to a single component.
  • Heating and air conditioner functions.
  • Security systems linked to mobile phones.
  • Intercom systems integrated with normal TV’s throughout the house.
  • Plant watering controlled by remote or summer/winter season timer switching.
  • Garage door automation through remote or security linked control.

Home Automation
AVG can create personalised solutions that enhance your lifestyle by adding comfort, savings, convenience and peace of mind.

Investing in modern lifestyle technology like this will not only simplify your life but also add value in the event of your selling your home in the future.
There is no one size fits all package. Our experts will tailor a system to truly meet your lifestyle needs and budget, not what works for most people. With AVG you will have a flexible platform to grow with you!
Our modern day cars, washing machines, microwaves etc are all designed to make life easy for you, giving you more time to think about other things… Think about home automation options, move with the times, get rid of electronic clutter through simple organised switching control.