AV Furniture

AV Furniture
Investing in the correct AV rack for your equipment is often something consumers overlook when building a good system. Your components need a safe and secure place to be stored. The shelving systems you choose should minimise vibration and extraneous interference from affecting your components. This allows them to perform at their best to give you the finest sound and picture possible.

However the companies who mass produce the many different options of stands and racks available generally know very little about how electronics work and often manufacture an attractive unit, only to catch your eye from a sales point of view.

Things to look for:

Aesthetics: If need be can the unit successfully hide all the components with adequate space on adjustable shelving.

Future proof: Can it be adapted for possible new technology buying in the future.

Ventilation: The most common failure problems with electronic components are usually related to excessive heat buildup.

Installation: Can both the owner and the supplier easily access all the equipment for servicing or possible upgrade replacements.

Storage: CD’s and DVD’s need an accessible and organised system to quickly and easily retrieve a disc for playing or returning to its original place.

Cables: The biggest problem is where and how to hide them. Well designed cabinets have panels and pathways for these items with their complex runs and length and can be almost totally hidden.

Lastly: Just like trying to find your shoes hidden under the bed in the dark corner, can you operate the complete system and reach everything without having to bend down or worse still having to get down on your hands and knees. Who on earth would want to invest thousands in state of the art equipment and have to be a gymnast and coal miner in one.

Be careful before you buy, but remember that AVG can advise you from their wealth of experience to help find the best solution for you.