Your emotions can be influenced by sound .Try reading about a thunderstorm then hear and experience the real thing. Your reactions can be massively different. The music and movie industry has progressed in their ability to reproduce an authentic and dramatic sound through the efficiency of modern day speakers. You can hear movie detail and instruments playing with such clarity and detail that’s it’s almost like “being there”. The loudspeakers available today vary in size and quality for different applications and needs.

There is no “best speaker, best colour, car or wine”, we all have different opinions. But we at AVG can help by explaining the differences in build quality, amplifier compatibility and suggest type options and placement by establishing your needs. Choose a speaker based on sound quality, take along your favourite discs, always believe your ears but also consider the advice of professionals.

This is the final component in your audio chain. You have to be moved to tears with beautiful music, or jump out your chair when something explodes around you… just checking that your emotions are connected to your system!

Floorstanding Speakers
Chosen by most audiophiles in their pursuit for the ultimate sound experience .They produce the best sound stage and are the most accurate reproduction of the original music.
Floor Standing Speakers

Bookshelf Speakers
As the word implies is an obvious choice where space is at a premium, but will still sound excellent when the correct subwoofer is added to them.
Bookshelf Speakers

On-wall Speakers
These are lifestyle designs, designed to wall mount next to modern TV screens. Home cinema rear speakers can also be wall mounted.
On-Wall Speakers

“Hidden” In-wall or Ceiling mount Speakers
Usually chosen for a minimalist look. They still have the ability to produce a pleasing sound when correctly linked to a subwoofer. These custom speakers are flush-mounted and can be painted to match the paint colour.

Great solution for people who want great sound but don’t want to see where the sound is coming from.

A subwoofer is dedicated to the reproduction of low pitched audio frequencies known as bass. This unit gives your sound system the ultimate “punch” that brings music to life.

Satellite Speakers
Satellite speakers have become popular in the mass market as a “one box” system for home cinema. The speakers are small, so they can be hidden away easily so as to be less in your face. Unless good quality satellite speakers are used from a reputable supplier, the sound they produce will be somewhat disappointing. These speakers systems almost always include a subwoofer.
Satellite Speakers

Sound Bars
Sound bars or sound “projectors” have become a very useful as an “all in one” solution to boost often poor TV sound quality. Although for the best surround sound, the best choice will always be separate speakers. The sound bar is typically located underneath the TV and has bigger more powerful speakers that that of the flat screen TV. Some models use angled speakers to create the impression of surround sound. It’s a very neat looking solution as all the electronics, amplifier, switching etc. is incorporated into the same ‘box”.