Sound Reinforcement

Sound Reinforcement
A typical sound reinforcement system is normally used in a large auditorium or at an outdoor concert venue facility. Comprising of loudspeakers, amplifiers, microphones and signal processors to make live or pre-recorded sound louder for a large audience.

On the other hand a smaller system like those used for a live performance in a night club or coffee bar may also be referred to as a PA system.

No matter the size, whether there are multiple microphones, clusters of loudspeakers strategically placed, massive amounts of power through large amplifiers and complex mixing consoles in use, the one simple goal is: to provide an equal amount of sound coverage to every single member of the audience.

To obtain a natural sound from an original source all the frequencies have to be authentically covered to reproduce both voice and instruments in an intelligible acoustic way. As a result specific dedicated microphones have to be selected for accuracy, their physical size and type from lapel, hand held, head mount or suspended overhead options. Do they need to be corded or wireless? Other input transducers will include pickups used on electric guitars and basses, contact microphones for stringed instruments and piano pickups.

Speakers are classified into main,( from a single one box full range unit, to multiple boxed units covering high frequencies to very low bass demands, usually placed in clusters according to the acoustic demands of the venue). Monitor (‘foldback speakers’ on stage facing the performing artist for them to hear there proper pitch and rhythm cues) and headphones in the event of feedback from the monitors to the microphones.

Mixing consoles, signal processors, equalizers, compressors, noise gates and reverberation and delay effects are used according to the demands of the environment and the desired impact wanting to be achieved

The other side of reinforced sound is of course the human element, in other words the talent needed to understand and hear sound in such a way that the end result will wow audiences to return or remember the presentation because of an audio experience which is “unforgettable”.

There are many different needs for reinforced sound and AVG have installed systems in school and church halls, conference centers, retail shops, restaurants, shopping centre malls, gyms and even party venues. We are able to design and install systems according to your budget and needs from the latest technologies available today.