Presentation Systems

Can someone deliver a knockout presentation to a receptive audience? Yes of course, but naturally gifted and trained speakers are few compared to the majority of nervous presenters who may battle to impact sometimes disinterested groups of people at a seminar or conference. There are however modern electronic aids to enhance any presentation whereby a person can have confidence that the clarity and professionalism of their information is reaching the audience in a captivating manner.

Today we use:
Projectors and screens which must be compatible with each other as they are always restricted to room size and ambient light conditions which can differ dramatically from one venue to the other.

Large Plasma screens with HDMI and multi-media inputs linking them to both computer or stand alone DVD player options.

Whiteboards replacing the old black chalkboards can also receive a projected image if the surface has a matt finish and can be written on simultaneously to display more information.

Microphones specially designed for speech. Mixers, amplifiers and dedicated conference speakers strategically placed for everyone to hear clearly.

Remote controls or on-wall touch pads with minimum options for people to use by simplifying all button “guess work”. They can be programmed to multi-task and have different functions operating at the same time at the touch of one button.

Linking all this up correctly has become more of a specialized service and should be designed and recommended by people experienced in this field.

Which brings us back to the user’s desperate need to feel comfortable and in control with no need for any distractions by using bad technology during a presentation while the audience have lost interest and are blaming the presenter rather than the equipment. It is therefore necessary that hired venues and professional companies update and train their staff if need be to understand that an important event can be a failure or a “knockout success”. We can help!