Boardroom Furniture

In order to meet a customer’s needs, when requesting a quote for equipment and installation for a boardroom, we at AVG have to ask many important questions. A meeting should preferably be arranged at the venue or at least by having a set of architectural plans available to discuss expectations with the client. We need to talk to the individuals who will use the room, as well as the technical staff who will operate it on a regular basis.

Here are some variables to consider:
New video technologies are often requested by a client, but speech intelligibility is still of critical importance relating to the overall success of a professionally installed system.

However, as TV and the movies have created fantasy standards of communicating from almost anywhere in the world via whatever means, we are still governed by the law of physics and because of the speed of modern technology developing today, some of these dreams are now becoming realities. This, of course means that more specialized knowledge is needed and the importance of an accurate understanding between the client, the operators, the designer/sales consultant and the network of related sub-suppliers have to work together like a “symphony orchestra” in order to get everything functional and problem free.

From the start of building or re-construction, the room acoustics have to be monitored in collaboration with the physical and aesthetic preferences between the client and the interior designer, as this will affect both the sound and picture significantly. This is important in order to have the correctly matched equipment installed.

As there is an enormous amount of cables to be hidden, careful pre-planning of cable runs have to be designed into the construction of the room.( Wireless technologies do not work successfully at these higher demand levels but can be good enough for small office and domestic uses).

Critical distance must be measured for the types of microphones required and their placement set in boardroom tables or from ceilings. Microphone locations can be affected by speaker feedback and even air conditioning rumble.

Program audio is usually a separate system from speech reinforcement and tele/video conferencing equipment. This is also designed to simplify the control of audio from DVD/CD/TV or satellite through a high-end reproduction system for people to hear clearly.

Current display technologies available. The advances in the new designs from Plasma, LCD, LED and Data projectors enable us to view large images in High Definition format. The advantages and disadvantages of these options need to be carefully considered with expert advice and guidance relating to budget and needs.

AVG have accumulated knowledge of both products and technologies from previous installations as they have had 20 years of experience in the industry.